Site Acquisition
ThinAir Communications, Inc. can aid you with your site acquisition and tower site development needs. We assist our customers by narrowing down their optimal site locations with the utilization of our in-house propagation software and field RF measurement equipment. We can also help with the planning and zoning, FAA/ FCC and/or any other related document submittals throughout the site approval process. We have also provided numerous customers with professional letters and RF study reports that have been required by various governing organizations helping our customer get the approvals needed.

Our well established relationships with companies that provide services such as surveying, geotechnical studies and soil borings, structural engineering, constructional drawings, and engineered tower designs allow us to provide customers with turn-key site development.

Turn-Key Site Development
ThinAir is a full service communications company experienced in turn-key site development. Our site development experience includes site demolition, clearing and/or grading, coordination of utilities, installation of tower and building foundations, transportation and setting of shelters or equipment cabinets, tower erection, site electrical per NEC and local codes, grounding per Motorola R56 Standards, installation of solar and/or generator systems, fencing installation as well as site reclamation.

From site acquisition and preparation to technical guidance, construction, tower installation, equipment installation and maintenance, ThinAir is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our construction projects are completed with expertise and precision.

Project Management
The ThinAir team is experienced in managing a multitude of projects. From site acquisition to a fully functional communications network, our staff is successful at managing and completing all projects on schedule and within budget.
FCC Frequency Coordination
ThinAir can provide assistance with FCC Licensing requirements from application through approval. We can also assist you with new applications, renewals, relocations, and modifications as well as help you prepare for the future. Please fill out the FCC License Application Client Questionnaire and return to ThinAir.
Tower Installation
ThinAir employees are safety oriented and highly skilled professionals when it comes to the installation of monopoles, guyed towers, or self-supporting towers which we have constructed across the entire Rocky Mountain Region. Our relationship with numerous tower manufacturers and our construction experience of microwave, AM and FM radio, broadcast, cellular and wireless towers allows us to provide our customers with several options when choosing a tower solution that fits their needs.
Antenna, Fiber & RF Line Installation
Antenna, Fiber and RF line installation is performed with the utmost attention to detail, which in turn ensures that it is done in accordance with customer and manufacturer specifications.

Our crews are trained and certified within the installation process of most brands of waveguide, fiber, coax and their associated connectors, and will arrive on site with a multitude of specialized cable preparation tools to ensure the installation is done accurately and to minimize insertion related losses.

Our personnel utilize and comprehend the measurements made with our in-house testing equipment, i.e. RF Spectrum Analyzers, Line Sweeping Gear and Fiber Testers. Our trained and certified field technicians can perform a multitude of field measurements to detect problems before they become costly, time consuming system failures.

Microwave Network Design, Installation, Servicing & Pathing
ThinAir provides many clients with Microwave Radio Equipment Solutions and Systems Design that covers a wide array of transport streams, ranging from TCP/IP Ethernet to Broadcast ASI and from Telco Based T1 to Broadcast B8ZS. Our years of experience combined with vendor partnerships, propagation software, field measurement testing equipment and a highly technical staff can assure the client that the properly designed microwave system will meet any and all requirements. Our crew can complete the highly technical installation, pathing, testing and troubleshooting of these systems.
Communications Equipment Maintenance & Tower Inspection
ThinAir regularly completes scheduled maintenance on existing microwave networks and associated structures; minimizing down time and expanding the life of our customer's equipment. Our crews are experienced and capable of conducting complete site inspections and preventative maintenance processes specifically tailored to each customer.

We offer full-service tower inspections and mapping to include a detailed report outlining findings and the repairs implemented. Mapping reports include an itemized list of all the antennas, lines, and associated hardware on the tower, line-of-site photos, and compound system diagrams.

Our 24-hour on call team can respond quickly to many types of communication network and/or tower site related emergencies, from a microwave radio amplifier failure to complications reported with your tower lighting system.

ThinAir can dispatch a crew equipped with the necessary test equipment, experience and material to safely get your system or tower site fully operational.